Program Objective

The mission of the program is to prepare individuals for employment in administrative positions in healthcare-related areas. Example positions include the following; patient registration, patient check-in & check-out, clerical support for various patient-care units, customer service related positions in healthcare and many others. Through hands-on, simulated exercise students learn to create patient records, collect demographic and insurance information, perform coding and billing of patient services, audit patient records, and process release of information requests.

Course Methodology

  • MOA courses and Theory Classes to provide you with the fundamentals of administrative positions in health-care related fields.
  • On-Campus hands-on training with simulated exercises
    • Clerical Support
    • Create patient records
    • Collect demographic
    • Collect insurance information
    • Patient Registration
    • Patient Check-in and Check-out
    • Perform coding and billing of patient services
    • Audit patient records
    • Process release of information requests